Hello There

I’m originally a techie, absolutely in love with fine arts. I’ve been an artist for over a decade and have exhibited my art work primarily in New York, Delaware, Philadelphia and Washington DC. While studying alongside local artists analyzing the classic masters of art, I learned about composition, light, lines, color and space and I apply these same principles to my photography. I enjoy creating art either with my pallet and brush or with my camera. I enjoy very much working on a canvas and create a portrait or a landscape, however, photography is fun and gives me instant gratification. If you go to a museum and pay attention to the numerous portraits, you will see how posing, lighting and composition were invented a long time ago and successful photographers around the world continue applying that same knowledge which is reflected on their work.

My photography is an extension of my artwork and I take great pride on it, my portraiture is about representing unique events, unique emotions with a unique perspective, my style is relaxed and casual but with an edge. I like to connect with my subjects and let them feel comfortable, let them be themselves, without rush or pressure allowing them show me their inner beauty, a real smile… and with a few minor adjustments, there! we make great art together.

So there you have it! A little bit about me. What else? Originally from Venezuela, now I live in Wilmington, Delaware with my two gorgeous daughters. I also call New York City my home which I visit with frequency so please inquire about travel dates and availability.

I would like to invite you to experience a photography session with me and allow me to show you how good you look in pictures – but not just for that reason, also because I want to help you document long lasting memories for you to share with your kids, family and friends for years to come.

Warm regards,